Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Former Muslim Raised from Dead in Jesus' Name

Fatuma Shubisa (pictured in middle) was
raised from the dead after 12 hours.
Fatuma Shubisa, a Muslim convert to Christianity, died and had an experience of heaven where she saw her husband's brother, who had died 2 years and also met her husband's mother (her husband is also a Christian and, apparently, so were his mother and brother).

After she had been dead for about 12 hours, Warsa Buta, a Christian missionary who was working nearby, saw the crowd gathered around her home. He went and, finding her dead, began to pray, “Fatuma, be raised in the name of Jesus!” This mystified her Muslim neighbors, but then Fatuma suddenly sat up in bed.

One of her neighbors said, “If this is real, we will all become Christians.” Another said, “Your God is a very powerful God!” As a result, many of her Muslim friends and neighbors came to faith in King Jesus the Messiah.

You can read her story in more detail here.

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