Friday, April 22, 2011

Meeting Jesus in a Vision

Here is the testimony of Sundar Singh (1889-1929), a Hindu of Rampur, in the Indian Punjab who, as a young man, despaired so of life that he cried out to God to show himself. In that encounter he became a Christian:
I prayed and prayed, waiting for the time to take my last walk. At about 4:30 I saw something strange. There was a glow in the room. At first I thought there was afire in the house, hut looking through the door and windows, I could see no cause for the light.

Then the thought came to me: perhaps this was an answer from God. So I returned to my accustomed place and prayed, looking into the strange light. Then I saw a figure in the light, strange but somehow familiar at once. It was neither Siva nor Krishna nor any of the other Hindu incarnations I had expected.

Then I heard a voice speaking to me in Urdu: “Sundar, how long will you mock me? I have come to save you because you have prayed to find the way of truth. Why then don’t you accept it?”

It was then I saw the marks of blood on his hands and feet and knew that it was Jesus, the one proclaimed by the Christians. In amazement I fell at his feet. I was filled with deep sorrow and remorse for my insults and my irreverence, but also with a wonderful peace.

This was the joy I had been seeking. This was heaven ... Then the vision was gone, though my peace and joy remained.
~ from Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia by Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom.


Jane said...

Beautiful! and AWESOME!! The way the Lord gives to those who ask and to those who seek Him..the Truth of life.. The Lord is good.. And I hope the entire world realises His goodness and omnipotence.. Praise be Jesus..! Spread the Word..! :)

Jeremiah A V Dumai said...

And later when someone said that he wanted to encounter Jesus he (Singh) did, he was told, " blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe."

Sadhu Sunder Singh and Bhakt Singh are two great Christian leaders in India from Sikh background. And interestingly both of them made tremendous impact in many places, but not in the state and the community they came from.