Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miracles Bring Muslims to Jesus

Tom Gilson, at Thinking Christian, considers a survey cited by Christianity Today of 750 Muslims who have come to know Jesus the Messiah. He finds that there are four main reasons:
  • First, they are drawn to the lifestyle of Christians.
  • Second, they are experiencing the power of God in answered prayers and healing.
  • Third, they are dissatisfied with their experience with Islam.
  • The fourth reason Muslims are converting to faith in Jesus is because of dreams and visions. 

Gilson elaborates:
Just last Tuesday I asked a missionary if he knew of experiences of signs and wonders. He spoke of a team of three missionaries, colleagues of his, who were paddling up a river on a boat, in a place where they had not been before. A woman called out to them from the shore, "Are you bringing the word of God?" They landed there and she told them she was the local religious leader. She had had a dream the night before that three men would come in a boat, bringing the word of God. This was not a Muslim community, but illustrates the same point: God is working through dreams and visions. Note that this cannot be ascribed to mere psychology; the information was too specific. The same is true of stories Moreland tells, for example of a Muslim man who walked up to a Christian missionary in a marketplace and said, "I had a dream last night that if I came to this marketplace at this time today, I would see a man wearing a blue jacket just like yours and he would tell me about God."

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