Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Publishing House Founded on a Dream and a Vision

Related to the previous post, Healing and a Man Called Peter, I came across this item regarding the founding of Chosen Books, a publishing house featuring Charismatic titles about the miracles of God and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. John Sherrill, one of the four founders (along with his wife, Elizabeth, Catherine Marshall and here second husband, Leonard LeSourd), explains about the surprising dream he had one night in 1971:
I was awake. There had been no transition between sleep and being fully, startlingly awake. Quietly, so as not to disturb Tib [Elizabeth], I propped my pillow against the headboard of the bed and sat up. In the pre-dawn light I could just make out the bureau in the corner of the room.

The picture was in black and white. It was of a group of people — Len LeSourd was there, and Len's wife, Catherine Marshall, Tib and I and some others I could not identify. We were all studying a pile of books spread out on a conference table. A block of copy said that this group of people had worked together for years, writing and editing Christian articles. Now they had banded together to do the same with books.

The vision was over. I could not get back to sleep so I went downstairs and made coffee ... I was excited but was also stunned, full of fear and misgivings. I knew nothing at all about business, still less about book publishing; what did all this mean?

When Tib began to stir, I took coffee up and told her about the vision and asked her what she thought of starting a publishing house. To my astonishment Tib, who knew, if possible, less about business than I, said, “Why not! It would be an adventure.”

So I took the plunge and spoke to Len LeSourd. I told him about the vision and asked if he and Catherine would consider joining us.

The next day Len called me at home with the news that he and Catherine were definitely interested. (Read the rest of the story here.)
God has always spoken to His people in dreams and visions — and still does!

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