Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Exorcist Tells His Stories

An Exorcist Tells His Story
by Gabriele Amorth
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In this powerful book, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the renowned exorcist of Rome, tells of his many experiences in his ministry as an exorcist doing battle with Satan to relieve the great suffering of people in the grip of evil. The importance of the ministry to “expel demons” is clearly seen in the Gospels, from the actions of the Apostles, and from Church history.

Fr. Amorth allows the reader to witness the activities of the exorcist, to experience what an exorcist sees and does. He also shows how real and powerful the devil is, and how his wicked and evil influence is so prevalent today in many people’s lives. He also reveals how little modern science, psychology, and medicine can do to help those under Satan's influence and that only the power of Christ can release them from this kind of mental, spiritual or physical suffering.

An Exorcist Tells His Story has been a European best-seller that has gone through numerous printings and editions. No other book today so thoroughly and concisely discusses the topic of exorcism.
“This is a very important book. Every pastoral leader, clergy and lay, should read it. The ministry of exorcism badly needs to be restored in the Church today and Fr. Amorth’s book is a significant contribution in this direction. The book is not so much a theological treatise as a personal witness to the pastoral wisdom accumulated over the years as exorcist for the Diocese of Rome, and as such is extremely valuable.” — Ralph Martin, author, The Catholic Church at the End of an Age

“Fr. Amorth tells us about his personal confrontations with the devil on hundreds of occasions. Those who deny or doubt the power of the devil will be shocked at what they find in this book.” — Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

An Exorcist: More Stories
by Gabriele Amorth
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Following up his international best-selling book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome, expands on some of the key topics of his previous book, covering important details about demonic or occult issues. He uses concrete examples from his own experiences and those of other exorcists to illustrate and substantiate his points.

Since satanic sects, occultism, séances, fortune-tellers and astrologers are so widespread today, Father Amorth asks the question why is it so difficult today to find an exorcist, or a priest who is an expert in this field? The example and the teaching of Christ is very clear, as is the tradition of the Church. But today’s Catholics are often misinformed. In this book, Fr. Amorth supports his discourse with a rich exposition of recent facts. It is a valuable, practical and instructive manual for priests and lay people, on how to help many who are suffering.
“Gabriele Amorth’s second book is a calm, straight-forward account of his own experiences and the principles of faith that govern how he deals with demonic problems or manifestations. This book narrates the experiences of an exorcist, and it explains what must be done to meet them. Amorth is especially critical of priests and bishops, either because of a lack of faith or a lack of knowledge, who have nothing to do with the real issues of the faithful. The book is not sensationalistic; it is however gripping and informative. Amorth is striking in his humility and serious effort to be objective and to stay within the limits of the Church’s teaching on these delicate issues.” — James V. Schall, S.J., Georgetown University

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