Saturday, November 21, 2009

Healing Miracles on the Streets of Dudley, UK

God has been doing healing miracles on the streets of Dudley, England, through the prayer ministry of Richard Steel. In this first clip, a man is healed of partial deafness and his wife is healed of tinnitus. They also received the Lord Jesus Christ.

A woman receives a double miracle — healing for a problem in her mouth and for arthritis in her knee. She felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon her.

A lady is miraculously healed of chronic arthritis in her back with which she had suffered for ten years (on a scale of 1 to 10, she described the pain as a 10). When Richard prayed for her in Jesus' name, the healing power of God manifested. She felt a warm sensation and numbness coming into her back, and the pain was gone. And now she can straighten her back without pain.

A woman receives prayer in Jesus' name and experiences a burning sensation in her back and is healing from arthritis pain.

A wheelchair bound woman is healed of back pain from a spinal injury receives healing prayer and was able to get up and walk without pain.

Read more healing testimonies at Richard's blog.

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