Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awakening at International House of Prayer

A Holy Spirit awakening has broken out in Kansas City, MO, at the University of International House of Prayer.

It all began on November 4, on the last day of the monthly Global Bridegroom Fast at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOP–KC). A move of the Holy Spirit began to stir during the student chapel at IHOPU, as students testified about receiving deliverance from self-hatred, shame, and depression. Students began to experience supernatural joy at the revelation of God's love for them. A powerful spirit of joy rested on many the next day at the IHOPU student-led 6:00am prayer meeting, and the Spirit continued to move throughout the week in our classes and during the faculty meetings ...

On November 11, during a 9:00am class of first-year students, led by Allen Hood and Wes Hall at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU), the Spirit moved in their midst with physical healings, deliverance, and a spirit of joy. That class, on November 11, continued for more than 15 hours. The word spread quickly, and over 2,000 people spontaneously gathered in the auditorium from all over the Kansas City area, as deliverance and physical healings increased. The meeting continued well past midnight. Recognizing that the Spirit was moving, the leadership of IHOPU canceled all classes for the next few days so that we could gather to receive all that the Spirit wanted to do ...

What started during our IHOPU student chapel on November 4 is continuing today. Visitors are pouring in from many places, with some driving over 1,000 miles overnight to participate in these meetings. Consequently, on November 12, we moved the Prayer Room to our Forerunner School of Ministry sanctuary from 6:00pm to midnight each night, to accommodate more people. We will continue these nightly meetings as the Holy Spirit leads us. We earnestly pray that this awakening will continue, as our nation is in desperate need of another great awakening in this hour.
These meetings have been live streaming here. Archived videos at this link feature many testimonies of healing and deliverance at this spiritual awakening, including:
  • Healing from depression and grief
  • Healing from acid reflux
  • Left ear opened
  • Left hip healed
  • Back pain healed by leg growth
  • Freedom from shame and sexual addiction
  • Pneumonia healed
  • Freedom from chronic pain and a critical spirit
  • Ankle tendons healed
  • Pelvis healed from accident trauma
  • Torn ACL healed
  • Healing from bodily injury and trauma
  • Healing from tumor-induced pain
  • Healing from same-sex attraction
  • Freedom from self-hatred
  • Scoliosis healed
  • Chronic migraines and back pain healed
  • Healing from endometriosis
  • Infant daughter miraculously healed
  • Dyslexia healed
  • Asthma healed
  • Hearing restored (many testimonies)
  • Carpal tunnel healed
  • Wrists and knees healed
  • Kidneys and liver healed
  • Eyes healed
  • Back and shoulders healed

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Little Boy is Healed of Asthma

A little baby is miraculously healed of asthma after prayer in Jesus' name at Roger Webb's meeting. Even in allergy season, when the family was experiencing reactions, this little boy did not have any asthma.

Here is the boy's father, a former bullrider, who receive healing from back injuries.

You can find more testimonies at Roger Webb's page.

Man's Foot Grows Two Sizes

Here is a man who received healing for his foot, which was two sizes smaller than his other foot. He used to have to buy two pairs of shoes at a time in order to end up with one good pair he could wear. No more. Now his feet are the same size after Roger Webb prayed for him in Jesus' name.

You can find more testimonies at Roger Webb's page.

More Healing on the Streets of Dudley

Here are more healing testimonies of people healed on the streets of Dudley, England, through the power of Jesus Christ.

A woman is healed of arthritis pain in her left leg and another woman's vision is much improved after receiving healing prayer.

Another woman is healed of arthritis is able to bend her knee with greater range of motion without pain.

A young man with a broken thumb received prayer and felt heat as the pain left, so he removed his bandages.

A young man receive healing prayer for his ankle. He felt numbness as the pain went away and he is able to move his ankle freely.

Richard Steel explains why Jesus came and why He heals.

Read more healing testimonies at Richard's blog.

Healing Miracles on the Streets of Dudley, UK

God has been doing healing miracles on the streets of Dudley, England, through the prayer ministry of Richard Steel. In this first clip, a man is healed of partial deafness and his wife is healed of tinnitus. They also received the Lord Jesus Christ.

A woman receives a double miracle — healing for a problem in her mouth and for arthritis in her knee. She felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon her.

A lady is miraculously healed of chronic arthritis in her back with which she had suffered for ten years (on a scale of 1 to 10, she described the pain as a 10). When Richard prayed for her in Jesus' name, the healing power of God manifested. She felt a warm sensation and numbness coming into her back, and the pain was gone. And now she can straighten her back without pain.

A woman receives prayer in Jesus' name and experiences a burning sensation in her back and is healing from arthritis pain.

A wheelchair bound woman is healed of back pain from a spinal injury receives healing prayer and was able to get up and walk without pain.

Read more healing testimonies at Richard's blog.

Healing Miracle for Young Girl in Dudley, UK

A seven year old girl in Dudley, UK, prayed for her classmate to be healed of pain in Jesus' name, and her friend was healed.

Even little children can pray in Jesus' name and see the power of God revealed in healing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jon Ruthven on Miracles and Manifestations

Jon Ruthven has written a splendid endorsement of our book, Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church. Ruthven is Professor Emeritus at Regent University School of Divinity and the author of On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Post Biblical Miracles (revised and expanded edition, Word & Spirit Press, forthcoming in 2010). Here is what he says:
Jeff Doles’ Miracles and Manifestations is an outstanding collection of original documents which chronicle the “greater works” Jesus promised to his followers throughout church history. Doles unearths a breadth of material, some of which is not well known in the scholarly world. This work is equally useful both to the theologian and to the devotional reader.
Preview with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. (Psssst! Amazon currently has it for $17.09. That’s 14% off the regular price.)