Saturday, August 22, 2009

Healing the Comatose by Prayer

One word from the glory — “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!” — was all it took to release the resurrection power into the intensive care unit (ICU). The young woman walked out of the hospital three days later, pushing her nurse in a wheelchair!
Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, the pastors of All Nations Church in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA, give that testimony about a woman who was in a diabetic coma. The doctors had pronounced her brain-dead.

They also share the story of a young man named Matt who was seriously injured in an avalanche. Broken shattered legs and facial bones, broken ribs, severe back injuries, and a blood clot in a main artery leading to the brain left him comatose, completely unresponsive and on life support. Miraculously, and quite surprising to the skeptical doctor, Matt began to respond when his family prayed. tells their story:
We prayed, calling him back to life, as did many others at that time. The next morning his mother called. She was thrilled — someone had noticed Matt move one foot, seemingly in response to a touch or a voice. A skeptical doctor came when called and was surprised to confirm that Matt was actually responding, though in a very limited and unpredictable way. The state of coma was still profound. It continued for weeks.

We received another urgent call for prayer as Matt was returned to ICU with pneumonia and other complications. That night in class we watched the DVD of the [Rend the Heavens] conference and heard Mahesh tell the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ story of the comatose girl. At the end of that testimony Mahesh gave a word that someone in the audience had a relative or friend in a coma whom the Lord wanted to heal, and instructed that person to stand. He even spoke of someone watching by recorded media who knew someone in a coma.

My husband and I were sitting across the room from each other. We looked at each other in astonishment at this word and instantly stood to our feet in the classroom. Our class prayed according to Mahesh’s leading, calling “Sleeping Beauty” to awaken.

The next day, I got a call from my friend, who was ecstatic — her son had awakened from his coma! Matt is home now, working hard to complete his recovery. Given the force of the accident and the extent of his injuries, it is a wonder that Matt is alive. That he awoke from his coma, wasn’t paralyzed, and can walk and function with anything near normalcy is an absolute miracle, a powerful testimony to the power of God!


Anonymous said...

i am a nurse praying and working in the home of an 8 year old boy. He is in a comatose state right now and has been since August. I cannot give his name because I cannot violate HIPPA privacy laws, but I just want to tell everyone I can to pray for him. He is declared brain dead and does not respond to voice, touch, etc. I do pray over him and believe Jesus for healing for this boy. There is a reason that God has me there! Please pray for him!!

Thanks and God bless!

Jeff Doles said...

We are praying. In the name of Jesus, we speak life to every cell in his body.

Anonymous said...

My mother is 68yrs old and the most beautiful and strong person I know and she has been in the ICU since last Friday. She had bacterial meningitis, which she is now cured of thanks to God who we have been praying to, but she still has not woken up. Please pray for the healing of her brain and her lungs! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Don.
H1N1, ICU, Ventilator with little or no brain activity. God is good and can do a miracle!

Unknown said...

Please pray for my friend she been in a coma,since Friday. In ICU she needs to wake up for her boys. TY