Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Whole Lot of Healing Going On

A Methodist Church in PA is [reporting] that a whole lot of healing has been going on there:
God is pouring out His Spirit upon a Methodist Church in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania bringing forth numerous manifestations of physical healing. Members of the Washington Crossing United Methodist Church are being used to minister the healing power of God both within the sanctuary and in the marketplace. This move of God is causing a deepening hunger for God’s power and increasing faith among the members and staff of “The Crossing” who are continually asking and believing God for more.
They have established healing rooms and have already recorded many testimonies, a list that includes: Arthritis, back issues, brain, Carpal Tunnel, Calcium deposits, Deviated Septum, digestive issues, ears, Encopresis, eyes (Blurred Membrane), eyes (Glaucoma, "Floaters"), foot (neuroma), food allergies, headache, heart conditions, heel, hip pain, infertility, joint pain, knees, lactose intolerance, Migraines, muscle soreness, neck pain, numbness, Osteoporosis, pulled muscles, Scoliosis shoulders, shoulder impingement syndrome, sinus infection, Shingles, Throat, Thyroid Disease, TMJ, walking, and wrist.

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