Friday, July 31, 2009

Prophecy and Healing in Dimona, Israel

Sean Steckbeck, one of my online friends, recently posted this testimony at Faith and Fellowship Forums, a board I frequent. Sean lives in Beer Sheva, Israel, where he is heavily involved in house church ministry. He is also perfecting his skills as a tour guide. Here, with his permission, is what he recently experienced:
Well, today I was shopping at the local grocery store here in Beer Sheva and the Holy Spirit kept on speaking to me “Dimona!”

Dimona is a town of around 40,000 people and is around a 20 minute drive southeast from Beer Sheva. Most people know this town because of Israel’s nuclear plant. It is a highly religious/traditional town made up of Eastern Jews (Yemen, Morocco, etc.). Most importantly, it is unreached, with no congregations. TACF [Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship] and John Arnott once did a conference in Dimona, no one from Dimona showed up, of course, it was mainly from congregations all over the other cities in the Negev and some from Jerusalem, etc. Dimona just provided a cheap meeting hall fit for all congregations together. Anyways, it is an unreached city.

So the Holy Spirit spoke to me tonight, I jumped in the car and drove 20 minutes to Dimona to obey the Lord.

After I parked at an outdoor shopping center, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about someone with a neck problem in the sporting goods store. So I went in the store and there were only 3-4 people in that store. I asked who has a problem with their neck, and two people actually did out of 3-4. One of them , M, got prayed for and was healed and gladly received a NT [New Testament].

Next I went to the grocery store to buy some snacks and get a divine appointment. While in the check-out lane, the Holy Spirit speaks to me about a leg problem and shoulder problem, it happened to be the guy in front of me who then was in total shock. Then I looked at his wife and said, “you have chronic headaches.” They shouted, “Where in the world did you come from?”

So I followed them out to their car, prayed for them, and they were healed, receiving also a NT.

The Holy Spirit then spoke to me to go to the pub of the city. After arriving in the pub, they asked me what I came for. I told them that God sent me and he wants to heal the sick. One man asked me to pray for his back problem, shocked, he was healed. Afterwards, the manager of the pub had neck problems. I prayed for him, also in total shock, he was healed. Then I prayed and prophesied over the girl serving at the bar. Shocked, she was totally healed also of chronic headaches. They gave me their phone numbers and want to be in touch. They are all sabra native Israeli Jews. The manager of the bar gave me a free drink as a “thank you!” I preached the gospel about Yeshua and they all received my message and want to know more.

There was a Bedouin watching all the bar healings (what a Muslim Bedouin was doing in a bar, I have no idea) ... anyways, he was so interested, he also wanted to talk to me about this and took my phone number.

Remember the Negev Bedouins, numbering over 100,000 and living mostly in the Beer Sheva-Dimona-Arad area, have only one known believer right now meeting with us that got saved last month!

So anyways, praise God for a fruitful spontaneous trip!
Sean added this follow-up in an email to me:
I just got a phone call from the couple at the grocery store an hour ago. He got his brother on the phone and the Lord gave me some prophetic words. It was right on.

We will meet with their entire family next week to speak about the gospel. They invited us!

An unreached city could have its first congregation.

Praise the Lord!
God is reaching into Dimona with the good news of Yeshua the Messiah.

More, Lord. Thank You for Your marvelous grace!

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