Friday, July 31, 2009

Healed and Declared Cancer-Free

Georgian and Winnie Banov, of Global Celebration, share this testimony in their “Bliss Report” of a woman who was healed of a rare form of cancer. She had been diagnosed as terminal, but following the healing, her doctor declared her cancer-free.
Three months ago, we held a city-wide “Healing Explosion” in Seattle. Heidi Baker was our guest speaker for Thursday night, and before sharing her message Heidi invited everyone who had been diagnosed with a terminal disease to come forward and find a resting spot on the platform. The stage quickly filled up with people who were desperate for a healing touch from Jesus. Some sat and others laid down with pillows and blankets. Next, Heidi called all of the children forward to pray for the sick. The children began to sweetly minister, and Heidi began to preach her message. As the people on the platform soaked in the in the Glory, the Lord did His wonderful work.

The precious woman whose head was fully bandaged and covered in a black scarf (seen above) had been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer in February. That night, she prayed with Heidi to receive Jesus, AND she was healed. Her daughter wrote to us after visiting the Doctor on Monday. Her physician used these exact words, “Go live your life, you are CANCER FREE!”— Praise you King Jesus!

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