Thursday, July 30, 2009

Divine Intervention: True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth

Divine Intervention: True Stories of Heaven Invading Earth by Julia Loren
“There's a blaze of light in every word ... This riveting collection of stories lifts us into the awe of knowing that Biblical accounts of encounters with God are available to all of us today. Ordinary believers and current church leaders tell you about their Encounters on the Road Less Traveled, Angel Sightings and Life-Changing Spiritual Experiences. As you read, know this God is as near to you as your own heartbeat. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, too. Stories from filmmakers, prophets, pastors, housewives, students, and businessmen give a glimpse of a God's kingdom manifest as they: entertain angels unaware that they are not humans; experience a vision that transforms their ministry; encounter God on the road less traveled; and enjoy the presence of Jesus while becoming saturated in His love.”
Table of Contents
Forward by Bill Johnson
Experiencing the Power of Heaven’s Stories
When God Intervenes ~ Life Changes
  • Michael Lienau ~ To Touch a Volcano
  • Larry Randolph ~ The Sound of Footsteps
  • Bob Johnson ~ Jewels & Roses
  • Catherine Brown ~ Father of Lights
  • Phyllis Phaure ~ Ordinary People
  • Aaron Evans ~ Meeting the Man
  • Jason Phillips ~ Meltdown for India
  • Theresa Dedmond ~ The Art of Encouragement
  • Cris Overstreet ~ Fire
  • Ana Mendez-Ferrell ~ The Cross of Smoke and Fire
Encounters on the Road Less Traveled
  • Gail Collins ~ Spanish Lullaby
  • Dutch Sheets ~ No Plan B
  • Sue Rashotte ~ Where’s a Man When You Need One?
  • Don Collins ~ Far From Home
  • William Dew ~ God’s Itinerary
  • Frank Capitanio ~ The Voice of the Irish
  • Cal Pierce ~ Road Tripping in Spokane
  • Rich Oliver ~ Two Tickets to Brazil & A Broken Arm
  • Jean Nicole ~ Messed Up in Malawi
  • John Paul Jackson ~ Traveling on Time
  • Bryan Marleaux ~ Surfing with the Messiah
Entertaining Angels When You Least Expect Them
  • Julia Loren ~ Swimming Towards the Pearly Gates
  • Tanya Snoddy ~ Nurses from Heaven
  • Graham Cooke ~ The Coffee Shop Angel
  • Tom Hovsepian ~ Surrounded by Angels
  • Lucas Sherridan ~ Eyes Wide Open
  • Patricia King ~ Laughing with God
  • Sandy Meidinger ~ Caught by an Angel
  • Matt Sorger ~ Angels, Mantles & The Fire of God
Epilogue: Memorial Stones: The Importance of Recording your Stories


melissa said...

My name is melissa and God has done a miracle for me. I was a drug addict for seven years then one night I started seeing things so i went to the hospital I thought i was going crazy! I told the nurses I was seeing things and I never want to use drugs again they told me not to worry I was haveing a series of unexplained events happening to me then I went into a trance I saw dark shadows coming out of me the word guilt the word shame then I looked up and there was a really tall man face to bright to see, I begged him to let me try life again and that I would serve him forever and never tell a lie. I walked out of that hospital singing our God is an awesome God. Come to find out it was God who saved me he delivered me healed me and set me free now I serve him in a ministry called Victory Outreach International we reach the down and out the outcast of society. Thank you Jesus for saving me. I was just a lost person I didnt even believe in God a he saved me there is no greater love than that!!!

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