Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Miracle Ministry of Revivalist Roger Webb

Roger Webb, an evangelist based in Orlando, FL, is seeing the healing, miracle-working power of God regularly at his meetings. Sometimes broadcast on Ustream, his meetings have brought forth numerous miracles in viewers and he has received many healing testimonies at his Facebook page. He reports some of these here, including: knees healed, dental miracles, torn rotator cuff no longer torn, and relief from asthma, bronchitis, firbromyalgia, and various other pains and afflictions. Also included are healing testimonies — too many to list here — from recent meetings in Fowlerville, MI and Cleveland, OH.

Here is a statement from his web page ( that speaks of his purpose:
With a mandate, Evangelist Roger Webb is giving a voice to a Sound From Heaven. Boldly declaring a fresh word from Heaven backed by Kingdom signs. The battering ram of the miracle anointing shatter the strongholds placed upon people's lives and pierces through the darkness. An earmark of Back to God Miracle Campaigns is the visible display of the Kingdom of God with in your face miracles!

Focused intent:
  1. Calling individuals to turn back to God.
  2. Rallying the church to prayer.
  3. Fresh baptism of power.
  4. Outreach - reaching beyond the walls of our buildings with that power.
  5. Miracles for the sick and diseased during each service.
At a revival meeting at Plainwell Assembly of God (Plainwell, MI), Webb reports numerous emotional and physical healings, including:
  • A sixteen year old girl with scoliosis found her back was straight after Roger prayed for her.
  • A ninety-one year old woman whose broken fingers had been improperly set — the doctor said she would never be able to close her fist completely — received prayer and was able to close her fist with ease. She also prayed that night to receive Christ.
  • A pastor who suffered with arthritis received healing prayer and was instantly healed. He went away pain-free.
  • After the laying on of hands, an elderly man with bad back, knees and elbows was able to move without pain.
  • His wife, who suffered from emphysema and had one lung removed, coughed up phlegm during the meeting. At the end, when Roger prayed for her, she coughed up what phlegm was remaining and, to her surprise, found her lung was clear.
  • A thirteen year old girl was healed of stomach cramp pain.
  • Here mother was also healed of a particular pain.
  • The tumor on a woman's leg disappeared.
  • Woman healed of bone spurs on spine (She had it for 6 years), and growth on her neck disappeared (it was the size of a small egg).
  • Man healed of Multiple Sclerosis (had for 17 years).
  • Woman healed of degenerative arthritis in her hips (she called friend and friend was healed of bone spurs on spine also).
  • Man healed of injured knee (came in walking on cane left carrying it!).
  • Woman's little finger healed.
  • Man had financial miracle for his business.
  • Woman's wrist and ear healed.
  • Man healed of TMJ (a jaw condition).
  • Woman healed of digestive problems.
God is still doing today what He has always done in and through His Church.

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