Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ecstasies, Trances and Raptures

The Ecstacy of Loving God: Trances, Raptures and the Supernatural Pleasures of Jesus Christ by John Crowder
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"Though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with inexpressible joy and full of glory" (1 Peter 1:8 NASB)

It is time to return the joy of the Lord to everyday Christian life. The Greek term for ecstasy is linked with the pleasurable, God-given state of  out-of-body experience recor4ed throughout the New Testament and the Church age.

Author John Crowder shows you how God's active interaction with men and women through the ages has always been marked by supernatural experiences. More than a state of mind, you will see how the nature of God's ecstasy is found in the joy, bliss and inner raptures of His presence.

You will also:
  • Learn the history of trances in revival ministries.
  • Gain a biblical understanding of Christian mysticism.
  • Explore the ecstatic states of prayer and spritual trances.
  • Learn how to walk in continued joy and pleasure before the Father.
  • Examine miraculous phenomena.
  • Be refreshed by the new wind of God's Spirit!
  • Be encouraged to drink from the river of His pleasure! (Psalm 36:8)
There is no doubt that you can experience the joy and ecstasy of His presence every day of your life.

Ecstasy, or extasis, is the Greek term for trance, and is linked with a pleasurable, God-given state of out-of-body experience recorded throughout the New Testament and the church age. Starting with the apostles ecstatic experiences on Pentecost, the Book of Acts further records trances in the lives of Peter and Paul. From the early church to the Christian mystics of the Middle Ages and the famous revivalists of centuries present, God s movements on the earth have always been marked by these supernatural experiences. In this book, John Crowder takes us on a journey from Old Testament ecstatic prophets such as Samuel and Elijah, to the future ecstatics who will usher in a massive wave of harvest Glory to the streets in these last days. God has always wanted a people who live in the Heavens, even as they walk on the Earth. And the world is hungry for the demonstration of a gospel of supernatural power that flows from a life of divine pleasure.
    "The Church has long been amiss in not understanding ecstasy, indeed nearly all our high experiences in our Lord's loving presence. We tend to revile what we don't understand. We have often reacted to the word ecstasy as though it means some kind of off-kilter wildness that needs to be avoided in the name of common sense and balance. John Crowder's book dispels fear and gives historical understanding and wisdom, properly enticing all of us into loving encounters with our Lord. In this time, when the Holy Spirit is calling us all into intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ, this book is greatly needed and should be welcomed by all Christians who seek His face." — John Sandford, Cofounder, Elijah House Ministries

    "Combining a depth of historical research and passion for Jesus, John Crowder brings together a rare blend for an emerging generation voice. His writings inspire me, challenge men, and make me turn my head. His calling to take the historical orthodoxy of the Holy Spirit packaged into a 'today's style' is an amazing work of art." — James W. Goll, Cofounder, Encounters Network and Prayer Storm Director

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