Monday, February 2, 2009

Salvations and Healing Miracles in Nigeria reports that 800,000 accepted Christ in a series of evangelistic meetins recently conducted in Nigeria's Delta State by Rheinhard Bonnke. Many signs and wonders were also reported. According to Bonnke's ministry statement:
The original gospel comes with signs and wonders, and what we witnessed last week was absolutely glorious. Miracles upon miracles. Without the miraculous the gospel would be an empty shell. But Jesus Christ is the same-today. Miracles identify Him.
Miracle reports include:
  • The blind receiving sight.
  • The lame walking.
  • One man said he was healed of HIV/AIDS.
  • "One pastor had been shot in the arm by robbers and the arm had died. He had spent a small fortune on doctors trying to save the arm, but they were unable to restore it and so he was scheduled to have it amputated ... After the prayer, he received feeling in his hand again and use of two of his fingers, and his hand was still improving in real time as he gave his testimony."
  • A thirty-five year old man who was deaf and mute from birth, received his hearing and was able to repeat words after healing prayer.
  • A thirty-two year old man born lame no longer had to crawl around but was able to get up and walk.
  • A woman who was injured in an accident and unable to walk correctly demonstrated her healing by leaping on the platform.
  • Tens of thousands received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Bonnke said,
We ought to have a blazing neon sign in every church with the words: "This Same Jesus." The Jesus we point to is the Jesus of saving grace, miracle power and healing mercy. What He was in the past He still is today. What He did in days gone by He still does in our day. When we preach Jesus as He is, He reveals Himself in confirmation of what is said."
You can find this report here.

God is still doing today what He has always done in His Church.