Thursday, January 15, 2009

Healing Miracles in a Netherlands Pub

Joel News International reports on an unusual "miracles and healing" meeting that took place in a Netherlands pub, where many were healed in the name of Jesus. According to organizer Marjan Spijkman,
Nine people, mainly women from the neighborhood, showed up ... God was powerfully present and healed them from reuma [rheumatism], emotional wounds, urination problems, and other hurts. One woman, who was nearly deaf, could hear again, to the surprise of her daughter and the other guests. You know, these women have a reputation in their neighborhood for being hard and bitter. But Jesus Christ touched them, they cried in our arms. Afterwards two women applied for an introductory course about Jesus. The owners of the pub invited us back and suggested that we would use the larger room in the pub, as they are expecting more people to come.
Thorugh believers like Marjan, Jesus is still doing today what He did two thousand years ago, going to where the needy are and bringing them salvation and healing.

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