Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ecstatic Prophecy

Ecstatic Prophecy
by Stacey Campbell

Discover what it is and why it happens. Understand its roots in the Bible and Church history. Learn how to discern true versus false prophecy. Explore its practice in the Church today.

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    Ecstatic prophecy is a form of prophecy in which the prophet is completely overtaken by the Holy Spirit—body, soul, and spirit—and prophesies almost as an oracle. In Ecstatic Prophecy, Stacey Campbell, a respected teacher and regular and high-profile recipient of this gift, explains the ins and outs of this remarkable mode of prophecy. She takes readers through biblical and early church examples of ecstatic prophecy and uncovers the history of its occurrence until modern times. She also examines how those with this gift can mature in it, avoid deception by testing spirits, and use this method of prophesying to grow closer to God and to reveal Jesus. This unique book will be compelling to anyone who follows prophetic literature and movements, as well as to those who may be experiencing ecstatic prophecy without understanding it.

    This can't be the Holy Spirit. Or can it? Stacey Campbell believed that supernatural experiences had ceased with the early Church. Yet in spite of herself, she was no longer sitting passively in a prayer meeting. She was now shaking, bouncing, speaking in tongues and giving prophetic utterance—overtaken by the Holy Spirit. The desire to understand this unasked-for experience led Campbell, a respected teacher and leader, on a journey deeper into the heart of God. Here she explores this remarkable gift in which the Holy Spirit takes over a person—body, soul, and spirit. She offers biblical, historical, and modern-day examples; warns about deception; and explains how to grow in this gifting.

    Stacey Campbell, co-founder of the nonprofit organization Be A Hero, is founder and facilitator of the Canadian Prophetic Council and serves as a lifetime honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by C. Peter Wagner. She also serves on the leadership team of The Call with Lou Engle, is often featured on Elijah List, and speaks widely on prophetic issues. She lives with her husband, Wesley, and their five children in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

    "Little did I realize that what I thought would be a great book for a unique segment of the Body of Christ would actually become a necessary book for the entire Body of Christ." —from the foreword by Bill Johnson, pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, When Heaven Invades Earth and Face to Face with God

    "This book will challenge you to be more fully possessed by His glorious presence." —Heidi Baker, founding director, Iris Ministries

    "Stacey does not approach this topic as a casual observer of a current fad but as a disciplined, humble, tenacious servant striving to hear and obey the voice of the living God." —Robert Stearns, executive director, Eagles' Wings, New York/Jerusalem

    "Paul the apostle said there are varieties of manifestations, and the grounded teaching contained in this book amplifies that reality." —James W. and Michal Ann Goll, Encounters Network and Compassion Acts; authors, The Seer, The Prophetic Intercessor and the Women on the Frontlines series

    This book features a section on ecstatic prophecy in Church history. You can find many other examples in Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church by Jeff Doles. (You can also preview this one in Amazon's Look Inside.)

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