Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Healing Explosion in Seattle, WA

Georgian and Winnie Banov of Global Celebration send this report of recent healing miracles at Northwest Healing Explosion in Seattle, WA:
Winnie and I are writing to you from the glorious Northwest where we are in the middle of a "healing explosion" — an incredible 10 day regional event. We are enjoying the unity in the body and the infectious excitement and hunger for more of Jesus. Last night there was an ongoing stream of people coming forward with reports that Jesus healed them. Each one testified with excitement and joy, and so many were healed without anyone but Jesus touching them. Tumors have vanished, a woman that has not walked in three years got out of her wheelchair and walked across the room, a family was completely healed from asthma, neck injuries have been healed, chronic pain disappeared from many people's bodies, the list goes on and on.
This woman had not walked for three years, but at recent meetings in Seattle she got up out of her wheelchair and walked all around the room. Here is a video clip of her testimony:

God continues to do today what He has done through the centuries.

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