Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six-Month Old Girl Miraculously Healed

A six-month old girl with a multitude of medical problems was miraculously in the name of Jesus.

Doug Dayton, pastor of International Word of Faith Church in Arlington, TX, tells how he answered a call to go Children's Hospital in Dallas to pray. Among other problems, the little girl had two holes in her heart and required a heart transplant. Things got worse when her parents were informed that she was ineligible for that operation.

The pastor and others laid hands on her and began to pray for her: "Father in Jesus Name … Mankind can do nothing to heal this little girl. But you created her and you can fix her… In the name of Jesus We command Her Physical Body to line up with the Word of God! Be Made Whole!"

After prayer, her stats began to stabilize and there was no only one hole in her heart. A few days later, she was taken off ICU machines, totally stabilized, and she is now at home with her family, who refer to her at "Miracle Baby."

You can read the testimony here.

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