Monday, September 8, 2008

Small Chance Leveraged by Prayer and Faith

CBN reports the story of a little boy in Knoxville, TN, who had a serious and stroke, very unusual for one his age. After he survived a very dangerous surgery, his family received a devastating prognosis and a very small chance of recovery.
“He [the doctor] says, ‘If he even survives, most likely he will be in a wheelchair. He could be blind. He may never walk, never talk, he will be severely … he won’t be the same.’ I almost just let it go in one ear and out the other, because I prayed nonstop and that’s not what God was telling me,” his mother said.
Through the prayers of family and friends, he has been enjoying a rapid recovery which has far exceeded the expectations of the doctors.
“His progress was remarkable compared to when I first saw him.  He could not talk.  He could speak or understand speech.  He could not move his right arm or his right leg at all at that point,” Dr. Woodword said. “I think it’s a miracle that he’s survived and is doing as well as he is, yes.”

You can read the text of this story here.

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