Monday, September 8, 2008

Russian Baby Raised from the Dead by Her Mother

Russian Harvest Ministries reports how one of their converts, Sveta, brought her baby daughter back to life after the infant drowned in a bathtub. Sveta (Svetlana) tells her story:
The following story is but one of many signs and wonders that we report in our newsletters. God often works in our midst with healings, miracles, and so much more. Enjoy as you read this account of a baby being raised from the dead!

A few months ago I felt led of God to visit relatives in Kiev that I had never met. They were also believers so it was an opportunity to build a spiritual relationship. The family has six children, the youngest being just eighteen months old. Meeting them for the first time was eased greatly because we are all believers and we were having a great time together. One morning after everyone left except for me, Tanya decided to give her baby a bath. She strapped her baby, Karina, into a special baby bath and turned on the water. When the tub was full Tanya turned to leave but accidentally turned on the faucet to the shower handle as she left the bathroom. (FYI: The water hook-ups in Ukraine are different than U.S.A. and it’s easy to turn the wrong knob.)

I left to the store and returned in twenty minutes. Tanya and I talked for several minutes when all of a sudden Tanya jumped up and said “Oh, I forgot to check on Karina.” Shortly after I heard a deafening scream and I ran to the bathroom to find Tanya holding Karina upside down trying to get water out of her lungs. I grabbed the baby and began CPR as Tanya called the ambulance but she was in shock and could not even dial the phone.

My efforts at trying to resuscitate the baby did nothing. It was then that I dropped to my knees and screamed out “NO, I don’t receive this! JESUS, HELP!”My heart was pounding and my body shaking. Looking at this little dead body was was paralyzing…But I mustarded up all the faith that was in me cried out to GOD! “God, save this child in Jesus name.”

It was after this that I turned to see Karina’s head turn to the side as if unseen hands were at work and water started coming out from her lungs. Karina then opened her eyes and took the first breath, then another, and another. Both me and Tanya were shaking but not from fear— from the fact that God was at work in that room and we had just witnessed a miracle. It was overwhelming. Karina came back to life! It was an amazing miracle. The baby was raised from the dead! Miracles still happen. God still heals and signs and wonders are normal for those who believe. 
This is not the first time Sveta has experienced the miraculous power of God. Russian Harvest Ministries releaased this brief bio:
Sveta, a once notorious drug dealer and eventual addict, was saved and became a radical Christian. She has been used by God to do what Sid Roth describes as Naturally Supernatural— She Raised The Dead! Sveta was reached for Jesus five years ago by Russian Harvest missionary Volodya Ishenko and his team. She was on the verge of death, eaten away by disease. She had to be carried to our center on a stretcher. But God had great plans. Thirty days later, after intense prayer and intercession and constant reading of the Word, Sveta rose up from the bed of affliction healed by the power of God! She has since graduated from our women’s rehab center and is the now the director there.

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