Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miracles in Pakistan

South African evangelist Hamilton Filmalter, of River of Life Ministries, has seen the miracles of God in Lahore, Pakistan, where he conducted evangelistic meetings in 2007.
The city government of Lahore showed great favor to us, allowing the crusade to continue under the blanket of ‘no public meetings.’ The words of the police chief were, “What you are doing is good for the city. It brings peace and blessing to the people. We need this.” Unfortunately, many people were reluctant to venture out at night due to the emergency conditions and the crowd was smaller than usual, but God still blessed the meetings powerfully. The gospel was clearly preached and each night hundreds declared their intention to follow Jesus. There were many wonderful miracles. Many received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues.

After Hamilton ministered to the crowd by rebuking sickness, disease and demonic oppression, people came forward each night to testify of healings and deliverance. It is such a powerful testimony that Jesus has risen and that there is power in His name. It is a key to the ongoing revival in Pakistan.

The crusade was preceded by two days of house church training. We also spent parts of three days talking with evangelists and house church leaders about how to be more effective in their ministries. For the church to penetrate society, evangelism and discipleship has to continue far beyond the perimeter of the crusade grounds and the walls of the church. House churches are the vehicle.As we have often seen, miracles continue to pave the way for house church planting.
Healing testimonies include:

  • Two brothers who were born mute spoke for the first time at the meeting.
  • A person told of his cancer disappearing (Doctor confirmed healing).
  • A lame man who came in on crutches left walking normally.
  • A lady with a blind eye had her sight restored.
  • A lady was healed of cancer. This was confirmed by her doctor.
  • A baby with a hole in its heart was healed, confirmed by doctor.
  • A lady with a terminal illness, who had been told by her doctor to wrap up her affairs, was prayed for and healed.
  • A man with two defective heart valves that would not open properly was healed.
  • Another on kidney dialysis was healed and now had normal kidney function.
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