Monday, September 8, 2008

Healing and Miracles at Winchester Outpouring

Charisma magazine reports that Stephens City, VA, is experiencing Christian renewal in what is being called the Winchester Outpouring. At least three churches (Agape Christian Church, Greenaway Spirit and Word Fellowship, and Crossroads Community Church) have been joining together regulalrly in revival meetings for the past four months and have seen many dramatic healings from deafness, blindness, arthritis and fibromyalgia. A girl was healed of torn ligaments in her knee; she removed her brace and danced around, and her scheduled surgery is no longer necessary.
Such healings can be typical in charismatic revivals, but unusual manifestations are reportedly occurring in Winchester as well, including feathers floating out of thin air and teeth filling with gold. In some cases the entire tooth has turned to gold.
“I’m personally one of those people who wants to see things documented,” Prock said. “I’m a very cautious [person] … until I saw gold teeth starting to happen. We feel that God will bring [transformation to the region] when supernatural power is being demonstrated.”
He said one example of such a demonstration involved an elder from Greenway Fellowship, a former Southern Baptist church that is partnering with Agape. Prock said the Greenway man was openly sarcastic and skeptical about reports of unusual manifestations—until he unexpectedly received a gold filling.
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