Saturday, August 9, 2008

Prayer Heals Little Girl with Brain Tumor

On July 20, 2008, KLTV7, a television station in Longview, Texas, reported  how a little girl with a brain tumor received healing through prayer and faith. Kayla Knight, eleven years old, had been experiencing severe headaches for months. Her mother, Amy, took her to the doctor and an MRI was taken which revealed a large tumor in her brain. Amy immediately began to pray, and also got her church involved, who laid hands on Kayla and prayed
"That was actually on a Wednesday so when we got to church we had a good 30 people or more lay hands on her and it just ... you could feel God. I can't say we prayed as much before. I mean we did ... but not like this. Not like we do now."
An MRI taken a few days later now told a completely different story: The tumor was gone. Amy was amazed; the doctor was puzzled. They did another MRI which confirmed the new results, and the doctor said it was a miracle, the tumor really was gone.

Amy now takes her Christian faith much more seriously. Kayla says of the experience,"It's been kind of scary but kind of fun. Because you're, like, knowing God is going to do something about it."

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