Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Revival in Kansas City

Revival has broken out at World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO, pastored by Steve Gray. Along with renewed passions for God, and intense responses to the altar calls, there have also been a number of healing testimonies, including:
  • A Florida woman whose hip was healed and now she no longer needs replacement surgery. Her doctors are perplexed.
  • A woman who was deaf in her right ear for over thirty years as a result of Scarlet Fever can now hear clearly in that ear.
  • A woman who had suffered with dangerously high blood pressure received healing. Now her blood pressure is well within acceptable range. Not only that, she went home and ministered healing to her friend, who also had high blood pressure.

Children as well as adults are experiencing the fire of God. A young boy named Ivan felt the glory of God on him and ministered it to others. He said it was "warm, like a thousands blankets all around me." Read the story and watch a clip of it here.

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