Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mulitplication of Food and Other Miracles in Egypt

Jesus multiplied bread and fishes for a crowd of five thousand who came to hear the gospel. Can He multiply fried chicken and biscuits for a multitude today? Marilyn Hickey reports that He did just that for a hungry crowd in Cairo, Egypt who came for the Word of God. Her ministry had 3500 box lunches catered in by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Charisma Magazine Online explains:
After the food was completely distributed, and after the crowd swelled to about 5,000, she said volunteers were astonished to return to what should’ve been a room of empty tables to discover 1,200 more lunches. She said after they handed out the mysterious extras, another 1,200 appeared, leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses. Hickey’s staff called it a “loaves and fishes” miracle. [Read the full story]
In addition to this unusual occurrence, and many salvation decisions, there were also numerous healings, including:
  • A woman who could not bend over for 20 years because of a crooked spine now has a straight spine, as confirmed by a doctor in the audience.
  • A 21-year old man deaf in his right ear since birth can now hear with that ear.
  • A woman with lung cancer, scheduled for chemotherapy, can now breathe freely and has no more pain.
  • A man healed of a heart problem came back the following night with "before" and "after" reports from his doctor confirming his healing.

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