Saturday, July 19, 2008

Miracles Follow Doug Stanton Ministries

When Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel in all the world, He promised that miracles would follow those who believe, including healing and deliverance (Mark 16:15-20). Doug Stanton, an Australian evangelist ( who has been conducting revival services at the Minneapolis Revival Center in Minnesota for the past six months, has certainly seen this to be true. His website features numerous testimonies, from this and other revivals he has led, by people who have been healed and delivered from a variety of afflictions and whose lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. These include:
  • A woman whose back has been rebuilt by God and who no longer requires pain medications.
  • A Vietnam veteran who was shot in the head by a sniper in 1968 but was healed of severe headaches.
  • A Minnesota man healed of two strains of AIDS who no longer needs his walker. Black skin cancers have disappeared from his body, and after three separate tests, his doctor no longer finds any trace of AIDS in his body.
  • A woman in the last stages of cancer in November 2006, was healed at revival meetings and was informed by her doctor around Christmas time that her cancer was gone.
  • An Australian man healed of fribromyalgia and chronic fatigue who can now walk, dance and run with his grandsons.
  • A woman who was legally blind and whose sight was miraculously restore to full panoramic vision.
  • A stroke victim, wheelchair bound for eight years, who was able to get up and walk all around the building after healing prayer.
  • A young man who was deaf in one ear can now hear with it.
  • A baby girl in Brisbane, Australia who no longer needs reflux surgery and whose ultrasound now shows no abnormalities.
  • A 17 year old girl who was born blind with malformed eyes miraculously received her sight at a revival meeting. She then prayed over a woman who was a stroke patient and wheelchair bound. The woman got up and walked directly across room where, as she explained later, she saw Jesus standing.
  • A Brisbane woman who was set free from depression.
  • A baby boy in utero whose feet were joined at the heels ("mermaid feet") was healed and a subsequent ultrasound showed no deformity.
  • A New York woman who suffered from severe migraine and cluster headaches since she was a child, but received her healing after Doug Stanton had a word of knowledge.
Signs and wonders do follow those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

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