Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Healing and Miracles in Bolivian Revival

In the 1970s, Julio Ruibal, known as "the apostle to the Andes," was used by God to ignite revival in Bolivia. J. Lee Grady, of Charisma Magazine, recently did an interview with his widow, Ruth Ruibal, about this great move of God. In addition to multitudes coming to Christ, there were also many healings and miracles of the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Ruibal said,
The miracles were so remarkable and abundant that it is hard to adequately describe. One of the outstanding miracles involved a woman who was dying of bone cancer. She was bedridden and her upper leg could not be moved for lack of bone. Her sons asked Julio to pray for her. He led her to the Lord and then prayed for healing. Then Julio felt the Lord telling him to lift the lady to her feet. He helped pull her up and she stood. God had replaced the bone eaten away by cancer! ...

We saw clubbed feet made straight. The lame walked, a hunchbacked man’s back was straightened, people who were brought in blankets or sheets got up and walked out healthy, the blind were given sight, the deaf were able to hear, diseases were healed with medical certification, the mute spoke, legs grew out and people were delivered from demons. At one point people were healed even when Julio’s shadow passed over them.
Other miracles include supernatural changes in the weather (Jesus is Lord over the wind and the waves), and the multiplication of food, and even of money for the purchase of additional food.
There were all sorts of miracles from the beginning and that continued throughout Julio’s ministry to the very end. They were mainly signs, wonders and different kinds of healings.
There were also visitations of angels. One example Mrs. Ruibal gives concerns the gift of free wood for a building project. The only problem is that the free wood was underneath another stack of wood that reach to the ceiling. It would have taken days to unstack the top wood and get to the free wood. Julio and his assistants went out to discuss the matter. When they came back to the pile, they discovered that all the free wood was on top of the pile. With no natural explanation possible, they gave thanks to God for the work of His angels.

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