Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mulitplication of Food and Other Miracles in Egypt

Jesus multiplied bread and fishes for a crowd of five thousand who came to hear the gospel. Can He multiply fried chicken and biscuits for a multitude today? Marilyn Hickey reports that He did just that for a hungry crowd in Cairo, Egypt who came for the Word of God. Her ministry had 3500 box lunches catered in by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Charisma Magazine Online explains:
After the food was completely distributed, and after the crowd swelled to about 5,000, she said volunteers were astonished to return to what should’ve been a room of empty tables to discover 1,200 more lunches. She said after they handed out the mysterious extras, another 1,200 appeared, leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses. Hickey’s staff called it a “loaves and fishes” miracle. [Read the full story]
In addition to this unusual occurrence, and many salvation decisions, there were also numerous healings, including:
  • A woman who could not bend over for 20 years because of a crooked spine now has a straight spine, as confirmed by a doctor in the audience.
  • A 21-year old man deaf in his right ear since birth can now hear with that ear.
  • A woman with lung cancer, scheduled for chemotherapy, can now breathe freely and has no more pain.
  • A man healed of a heart problem came back the following night with "before" and "after" reports from his doctor confirming his healing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Revival in Kansas City

Revival has broken out at World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO, pastored by Steve Gray. Along with renewed passions for God, and intense responses to the altar calls, there have also been a number of healing testimonies, including:
  • A Florida woman whose hip was healed and now she no longer needs replacement surgery. Her doctors are perplexed.
  • A woman who was deaf in her right ear for over thirty years as a result of Scarlet Fever can now hear clearly in that ear.
  • A woman who had suffered with dangerously high blood pressure received healing. Now her blood pressure is well within acceptable range. Not only that, she went home and ministered healing to her friend, who also had high blood pressure.

Children as well as adults are experiencing the fire of God. A young boy named Ivan felt the glory of God on him and ministered it to others. He said it was "warm, like a thousands blankets all around me." Read the story and watch a clip of it here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Miracles Follow Doug Stanton Ministries

When Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel in all the world, He promised that miracles would follow those who believe, including healing and deliverance (Mark 16:15-20). Doug Stanton, an Australian evangelist ( who has been conducting revival services at the Minneapolis Revival Center in Minnesota for the past six months, has certainly seen this to be true. His website features numerous testimonies, from this and other revivals he has led, by people who have been healed and delivered from a variety of afflictions and whose lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. These include:
  • A woman whose back has been rebuilt by God and who no longer requires pain medications.
  • A Vietnam veteran who was shot in the head by a sniper in 1968 but was healed of severe headaches.
  • A Minnesota man healed of two strains of AIDS who no longer needs his walker. Black skin cancers have disappeared from his body, and after three separate tests, his doctor no longer finds any trace of AIDS in his body.
  • A woman in the last stages of cancer in November 2006, was healed at revival meetings and was informed by her doctor around Christmas time that her cancer was gone.
  • An Australian man healed of fribromyalgia and chronic fatigue who can now walk, dance and run with his grandsons.
  • A woman who was legally blind and whose sight was miraculously restore to full panoramic vision.
  • A stroke victim, wheelchair bound for eight years, who was able to get up and walk all around the building after healing prayer.
  • A young man who was deaf in one ear can now hear with it.
  • A baby girl in Brisbane, Australia who no longer needs reflux surgery and whose ultrasound now shows no abnormalities.
  • A 17 year old girl who was born blind with malformed eyes miraculously received her sight at a revival meeting. She then prayed over a woman who was a stroke patient and wheelchair bound. The woman got up and walked directly across room where, as she explained later, she saw Jesus standing.
  • A Brisbane woman who was set free from depression.
  • A baby boy in utero whose feet were joined at the heels ("mermaid feet") was healed and a subsequent ultrasound showed no deformity.
  • A New York woman who suffered from severe migraine and cluster headaches since she was a child, but received her healing after Doug Stanton had a word of knowledge.
Signs and wonders do follow those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Healing Miracles at Kensington Temple Church London

Revival Times reports numerous healing miracles in the revival at Kensington Temple London City Church being conducted by evenagelist Gypsy William Smith. Blind eyes see, deaf ears here, back pain gone, leg pain gone, foot pain gone. The meetings, which were intended to run for a month, beginning in March, have already extended to July.

In an interview in February about the then upcoming meetings, Smith said,
"There will always be plenty of healings! Recently, I met a woman with terminal cancer. She had only hours to live and the priest had already given her the last rites. I went to see her. The next day she was out shopping, completely healed! I have seen people healed from every kind of disease รข€“ Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, terminal cancer, meningitis, blindness, deafness and so on. People can expect miracles and will see their lives transformed. God will also set people free from all kinds of addictions"
You can watch some of the healing testimonies here. Also, according to the church's website, there have  been over eleven hundred people who have made commitments to Christ since the meetings began on March 2.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rick Joyner Responds to Lakeland Questions

MorningStar Ministries has released an article by Rick Joyner in which he responds to some common questions and concerns that have arisen about the current Lakeland Revival, including:
  • The Bible says in the last days there will be true prophets and false prophets, with false prophets performing many miracles which can deceive God’s own people. How can we tell if a prophet is false?
  • What is the significance of all the talk of angels?
  • What about this female angel named Emma that some claim to have seen and received messages from? Aren’t angels “neither male nor female?”
  • How does one restore a fallen leader, and can a fallen leader return to the pulpit?
  • How do you keep from sensationalism during a revival?
You can read his answers here.

Review: "Excellent Resource"

Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church is an excellent resource for any student of the Bible. Jeff Doles has done a masterful job of relating historical facts in a compendium that is actually both easy to read and impacting. He clearly debunks the theory that miracles and manifestations of the Holy Spirit ceased when the apostles died or when the New Testament canon was completed. This book is well worth reading. You will be amazed at how much was going on in the church, even during what we call the “Dark Ages.” You may also be surprised at the number of supernatural events that occurred during the ministry of Reformers and Revivalists since those dark ages.

“As I discovered in my research for my own book, Signs and Wonders — To Seek or Not to Seek, God’s primary method of making believers out of unbelievers is the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit. Jeff Doles’ book will help every believer to accept the renewal of the miraculous in our own day. My strong advice for every Christian is to get and read this book.”
—Ben R. Peters, Open Heart Ministries
Author and International Evangelist

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Signs and Wonders at Revival in Georgia

Charisma Magazine reports that a revival, conducted by evangelist Frank Seamster, has been going on at Coweta Community Church in Newnan, GA, for 30 consecutive days. They began on June 1st and have been going ever since, except for a brief break over Fourth of July weekend:
On the fourth night, Seamster noticed an increase in healing miracles. “It was like in the Bible, with the preaching of the Word, God was confirming it with signs and wonders,” he said. “Every night we had different miracles but on the fourth night, people who had vision problems and those who had chronic pain for 20 years testified of being healed. They stood in the prayer line, and God instantly healed them.” Families have been restored and there’s a distinct move of God among the teenagers and young adults.

“One girl, a pastor’s daughter, had strayed from God and gotten involved in drugs,” Seamster said. “She came to the services and got set free from drugs. God blessed her with a job and someone gave her a car. Teenagers are testifying of how God is transforming their lives by coming to the services. There’s signs, wonders and miracles, but there must be a permanent change taking place in your life.”
You can read more about it here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stillborn Baby Raised by Praying Teenagers

Read this simply but powerful testimony of how a stillborn baby, dead for 27 hours, was brought back to life in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, through the prayers of a few teenagers on summer ministry teams from the States.
We prayed for thirty to forty minutes. At the end of that time, Julia screamed out to God, telling Him that she believed with all of her heart that this baby could be raised from the dead. After Julia screamed out, everyone was silent. We were quietly interceding and praying. Within a few minutes, the baby started moving. Then the baby coughed and began crying. The mother came rushing into the room. She was screaming, what is going on? No one could answer her. We were just staring at the baby, who had come back to life. The mother asked us again, what is going on? She began crying as she saw that her baby was alive. She ran out of the house and banged on every door in the village, telling all of the people that God is real because her baby was alive. Within about thirty minutes, the baby's skin tone and movements had become completely normal.
This brought an opportunity for them to preach to all the villagers. Between 80 and 90 prayed to receive Christ, were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of tongues.

Praise God, who gives life to the dead.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Healing and Miracles in Bolivian Revival

In the 1970s, Julio Ruibal, known as "the apostle to the Andes," was used by God to ignite revival in Bolivia. J. Lee Grady, of Charisma Magazine, recently did an interview with his widow, Ruth Ruibal, about this great move of God. In addition to multitudes coming to Christ, there were also many healings and miracles of the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Ruibal said,
The miracles were so remarkable and abundant that it is hard to adequately describe. One of the outstanding miracles involved a woman who was dying of bone cancer. She was bedridden and her upper leg could not be moved for lack of bone. Her sons asked Julio to pray for her. He led her to the Lord and then prayed for healing. Then Julio felt the Lord telling him to lift the lady to her feet. He helped pull her up and she stood. God had replaced the bone eaten away by cancer! ...

We saw clubbed feet made straight. The lame walked, a hunchbacked man’s back was straightened, people who were brought in blankets or sheets got up and walked out healthy, the blind were given sight, the deaf were able to hear, diseases were healed with medical certification, the mute spoke, legs grew out and people were delivered from demons. At one point people were healed even when Julio’s shadow passed over them.
Other miracles include supernatural changes in the weather (Jesus is Lord over the wind and the waves), and the multiplication of food, and even of money for the purchase of additional food.
There were all sorts of miracles from the beginning and that continued throughout Julio’s ministry to the very end. They were mainly signs, wonders and different kinds of healings.
There were also visitations of angels. One example Mrs. Ruibal gives concerns the gift of free wood for a building project. The only problem is that the free wood was underneath another stack of wood that reach to the ceiling. It would have taken days to unstack the top wood and get to the free wood. Julio and his assistants went out to discuss the matter. When they came back to the pile, they discovered that all the free wood was on top of the pile. With no natural explanation possible, they gave thanks to God for the work of His angels.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Raised from the Dead

Here is an article on raising the dead through prayer and faith in Jesus' name. It features numerous accounts of people who were brought back to like in this way, including:
  • The testimony or Mrs. A. C. Eastham concerning her daughter, Marilyn who, at the age of two and a half, died and was restored to life. It is related by her son-in-law, Marilyn's husband, Dr. Horace S. Ward, Senior Pastor of Maranatha Church of God in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and former Assistant General Director of Education for the Church of God. The events were also confirmed to him by Rev. and Mrs. Buford Alford, who were also present at the event.
  • An account related by Dr. Charles A. Blanchard, former president of Wheaton College, in his book, Getting Things from God (Moody Press), of a railroad engineer who was raised from the dead in answer to his wife's prayers.
  • A Hungarian woman who died of strike and heart failure at an evangelistic meeting. The preacher, a missionary from Brazil, felt faith rise up in him and the Holy Spirit telling him to raise her up, prayed for her and commanded her spirit to return. The woman revived and her heart was completely healed. She had been an unbeliever before, but experiencing the resurrection power of Jesus, she came to Christ.
  • At Port Authority in NYC, three Christians came across the body of a man slumped on the pavement with no vital signs. One of them felt an intense compassion for the man and prayed for the Lord to extend his life. The man revived and described this experience, that he was in a place that was progressively darker and colder, and that he heard the voice of the Christian man, who was praying in tongues, then felt like he was sucked by a wind back into his body. He became a Christian because of this.
  • Many other accounts.
Ben R. Peters of Open Heart Ministries has written about raising the dead in Resurrection: A Manual for Raising the Dead.

Raising the dead is nothing new. Elijah, Elisha and Ezekiel did it in the Old Testament. Jesus, Peter and Paul did it in the new. Today, Christians all around the world are doing it. As Paul asked King Agrippa, "Why should it be thought incredible by you that God should raise the dead?" (Acts 26:8). Raising the dead is not for super-Christians, but is in the DNA of every believer. Ben Peters fully expects to see literal, physical resurrections, as well as spiritual revival, take place before our eyes, through faith in the Living God. This little book will help you discover some of the valuable life-giving principles revealed in Scripture, including:
  • Who is able to raise the dead
  • What you do and don't need to raise the dead
  • How not to raise the dead
  • The most important key to raising the dead
  • Prophesying life to dry bones
  • Understanding breath, wind and spirit
  • How to minister life to the dead

Pelvis and Hip Healed

Here is a video posted at YouTube in conjunction with the Lakeland healing revival. It shows a woman whose pelvis and hip were out of alignment from a fall. She had been in pain for several years and her chiropractor was not able to help her. After healing prayer was offered in the name of Jesus, the pain in her pelvis was gone and her hip came back into alignment. She was able to bend over, pain-free, in a way she could not before.