Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shekinah Glory, Holy Fire and Miraculous Healing

The Azusa Street Revival (1906-1910) is pretty well known in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles for the revival of the gift of tongues. But reading through They Told Me Their Stories: The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories, I am learning that there were other marvelous manifestations of the Holy Spirit, including numerous healings, the unusual appearance of flame above the meetinghouse, and the experience of what those in attendance called the "Shekinah Glory."

This book is composed of testimonies often repeated to Tommy Welchel back in the 1960s by men and women who were children and teenagers during the Azusa revival. Now they were residents of Old Pisgah Home, in Los Angeles, and Welchel, being a new believer, would literally sit at their feet, eager to hear their stories over and over.

They gave account of many of the miraculous healings they had personally witnessed, and often even participated in, though they were only children and teenagers at the time. Some were themselves healed. Blind eyes were made to see, deaf ears heard, tumors vanished, cleft palates joined together, new teeth appeared, broken bones were made whole, amputated limbs were restored, and those bound in wheelchairs received strength to walk, run and dance for joy.

Many of these witnesses also told about the unusual flame that would often appear above the meetinghouse. It was described as a fire coming down from heaven to meet a fire that was going up from the building.

There were also many who experienced the "Shekinah Glory," an unusual cloud of mist that regularly settled in the meetinghouse. It was believed to be a visible manifestation of the glory of the Lord. At times it was thick enough that children could play "hide and seek" in it. Sometimes it settled love to the ground and people would lay down in to breathe in the glory. A few tried to capture it in a jar, only to find that it would soon evaporate. Many simply breathed it in, some describing it as an experience of heaven or as breathing pure oxygen.

A hundred years ago, the revival at Azusa Street signaled a fresh and powerful move of God. About a hundred years ago, Charles Parham, who had witnessed a stirring of the gift of tongues in Topeka, KS, just a few years prior, prophesied that in a hundred years, another revival would come that would be even greater. William Seymour, who led the Azusa revival, similarly prophesied about a greater revival that would come in another hundred years.


Anonymous said...

I believe there will be a revival in many small churches across the country, we need to learn how to reach more people to get them saved so we can all understand what is happening and receive the gift of the holy spirit and not end up being left out.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was present,& one of the worshipers at the Azusa street revival, but it was not in my time.
I lost a few of my front teethe early in my teens,.... too young, & years later I had to extract some, I have been wearing dentures for over 40 + years.

I do not like to laugh or take part in conversations since I lost my teethe, it has made me into a shy almost unfriendly person, God knows I am not shy or unfriendly.

I wish I could be more expressive, friendly & outgoing... more open with my family & others give my point of view on certain matters etc. especially when we socialize... join in conversations, open my mouth wide, throw back my head & give a big laugh when someone make a joke
Instead of laughing out loud, I often put my eyes down & half smile, or cover my mouth.
Overall it has made me into a cripple socially.

I hate to look at people in the eyes when I am speaking to them.... by doing so it makes me seems like someone that cannot be trusted.
When I was a little girl my father told us we should always look at people in the eye when me speak to them or vise versa.

I hardly make eye contact because I think they are looking at my bad dentures & teethe, I am embarrased.

I need dental work on my other teethe, but we do not have the money to fix them.
I wish we had the money to purchase a new set of porclean teethe, better still that God will supernaturally give me a new set of teethe.

I learned by having bad teethe in the mouth,it can cause heart disease, & other diseases of the body.

Last year in August 2008, I was rushed to the hospital because my pulse rate was very low, it was just a little over 45 & that is very critical, thank God it is now 60 & I pray in Jesus name it will be normal again.

I always have bad headaches, & now I have lost half of my eyesight, this is very scary & I know it could be a sign of the bad cavities, maybe infection of the gum.

I wish I was at the Azusa Street Revial or be in attendance at a revival like that one today or to come.... I kmow for sure the Lord our God, our Saviour & our Redeemer would have healed me & give me a new set of teethe straight from heaven, new eyes & new skin to cover my ravished chicken pox feet & all the other scars I have been covering up, & too ashamed to expose my legs especially when it gets very hot.

I know that Jesus is a miracle working God & as I write to you today I know he is working miracles right now & he can heal me today.

For years I been praying & asking God for a miracle, the restoration of my teethe, that one day soon, I will wake up to a new set of teethe & realize the old dentures are gone & in its place is a beautiful white set of teethe straight from heaven.

Please pray for me in the name of Jesus, that before I see, & meet him face to face I will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, & he will bless me with a new set of teethe & cure all the other ills in my body & my life.

I know with God nothing is impossible & he is still a miracle working, healing God, yesterday today & forever.
He promised he will never leave or forsake us.

Thank you & God bless you.


A true believer in God

Anonymous said...

Er, do you have any independent medical verification for these remarkable claims about alleged "healing"?

Only as far as I am aware, nothing of this sort has ever been reported in The Lancet or The New England Journal of Medicine. Now, if you happen to have the peer reviewed medical literature to back up your assertions here, I'd like to see this. Otherwise, you might like to contemplate the notion that making misleading statements about supposed "miracle healing", without critically robust evidential support to back this up, could result in persons affected by your statements resorting to legal redress. Particularly if, for example, they accept your statements uncritically and as a result, end up dying of cancer, whereupon the relatives might like a word with you if they abandon valid medical treatment as a result of any exhortations on your part.

Anonymous said...

I think before anyone has any hope of healing of this type they should ask for medically verified proof that it actually did take place.

Don't just believe something because you want it to be true. Check first.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, your problem isn't God's unwillingness to cure you. Do you really think he'd only work miracles in special places and not everywhere on this Earth that he created? Have you ever heard "God helps those who help themselves" or "Work as if there was no prayer, pray as if there was no work"?
Don't sit around and WAIT. Try to get the money to pay a dentist. And stop being afraid of laughing. It's not your bad teeth that are killing your social life, it's your fear.

Anonymous said...

A number of my colleagues have also commented here simply seeking supporting evidence, but these comments have not appeared as yet - is there a technical issue with your blog? I can only think that could be the reason because I know that you would never make things up to justify your faith. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Any independent witnesses verify any of the miracle claims - especially the restoration of amputated limbs?

Jeff Doles said...


This book is a collection of interviews with people who were at the Azusa Street Revival. They were eyewitnesses to the events they describe. They give their testimony about what they saw and experienced. I do not know if any of them have been reported or considered in any medical journal. While I appreciate the “peer review” process, the medical journals are not an arbiter of truth, merely a collection of opinions about certain cases. Many people have been healed whose cases never show up in those journals.

I have a friend who was miraculously healed of sarcoidosis in a revival meeting last year. It did not appear in The New England Journal of Medicine. He is healed nonetheless. He enjoys not having to lug an oxygen tank around with him anymore. I do not need a science journal to tell me that the sky is blue; I do not need a medical journal to tell me that my friend now breathes clearly and easily with an oxygen mask, when before his healing miracle he could not. I can see the difference for myself.

It is not improper for him to give his testimony of healing; it is not improper for me to share that testimony with others. It was not improper for those people who were Asuza Street to testify of what they witnessed and experienced. It is not improper for me to report on and recommend the book containing their interviews.

Nor is it misleading nor irresponsible for a person to say what they saw or experienced. Nor is there anything in their testimony that would cause a person to die of cancer or any other disease. There is no recommendation that sick people not go to doctors or hospitals, no exhortation to stay away from medicines or surgeries. Indeed, most people who believe in divine healing are not against doctors and medicine. We just believe that God can and does heal. My own recommendation is that people who believe that have received a divine healing not quit taking their medicine until a doctor has confirmed that they no longer need it.

I do not report on all the testimonies I hear about, only ones that I find to be credible. Having read the testimonies in this book about Azusa Street, I find them to be credible. So I report on them and recommend the book for others to consider.

They are free to testify, I am free to accept and report their testimony, and you are free decide for yourself.

Jeff Doles said...

Answering the most recent anonymous posts:

There have been many healing testimonies in the history of the Church, many from people who witnessed or experience them for themselves. Readers are free to judge for themselves whether they are credible witnesses. And if they find them to be credible, to receive any hope it might give them to believe God for their healing.

There are many people who have been healed who don't end up in medical journals. When my friend received his miraculous healing, I didn't need a doctor's verification to know what I could see with my own eyes -- my friend was breathing easily without an oxygen mask.

Some readers might know some folks who have likewise received a healing miracle, and it can be encouraging for them to know that there are other healing testimonies as well.

I'm just presenting testimonies I find to be credible. But each reader must decide for himself.

Regarding this blog, I moderate the comments section so as to keep it free from the sorts of ugly fights that sometimes happen in these kinds of forums. But I moderate them on my timetable.

Regarding eyewitnesses to amputated limbs restored: This book contains the interviews of a number of people who witnessed the events described. There may have been other witnesses, but these were the ones still extant in the 1960s when the interviewer came across them. You can read the book and decide for yourself whether their testimony is accurate, or whether they were hallucinating or making it up. I found their stories to be credible.

Anonymous said...

I had a Shekinah experience in 1985 that cannot be explained by modern science. I was in a total mist and everything around me disappeared, even though my eyes were open. The utter joy that emanated from the midst of this 'Glory Cloud' was so intense and full of pure joy and happiness that I began to laugh in response. Then two HUGE hands came out of the mist toward me. The love and pure joy was not something that I can even put into words. It is all real, I saw it myself, with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

God is moving and His moveing will become greater and stronger.
'He who has ears to hear let him hear'.
There are those who will believe, and those who even when they see will not believe....
Nevertheless, God in his infinite mercy and love will continue to move...

LionHeart said...

I was in a Revival meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 2004 and saw the Shekinah Glory hanging over the heads of the congregants. It looked like you were in a bar or crowded room where everyone was smoking and the smoke hangs in the air just above the crowd of people. On the way home a friend commented to me,"did you see that smoke in the room ?"Yes i did!

Maria Guadalupe said...

Miracles DO NOT create faith - Faith brings forth miracles. There must have been immense faith @Azuza Street!!