Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Heal the Sick

Here is a 14-part video series by Charles and Frances Hunter on "How to Heal the Sick." Episodes vary in length, with many about an hour long. It is a course in healing ministry.
Another resource for healing ministry:

Healing Scriptures and Prayers
by Jeff Doles

"Faith in the promises of God is the most important aspect of the ministry of divine healing, as well as the way to a walk in divine health. Jeff Doles has labored diligently to correctly lay out those healing promises in such a manner that this book can be both a refreshment to the soul of an individual needing a wonderful touch of Christ, or the person who is desiring to operate in the ministry of divine healing and setting people free. I would also recommend this book to every Healing Team/Healing Rooms ministry as an important working instrument for their own faith and the building of faith in those to whom they minister."
—Wayne C. Anderson, Healing Evangelist
President, Standsure Ministries

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