Monday, June 16, 2008

Healing Revival in Keene, NH

A healing revival has begun in Keene, NH, sparked by the visiting ministry of Percy Jeptha, pastor of Baruch Haba Christian Center, Capetown, South Africa. In particular, people have been getting healed of Fibromyalgia:
One of the more dramatic instant healings was witnessed in a house meeting as a woman who has dealt with Fibromyalgia was released from the constant pain of the disease. Diane recalls that she will never forget the look in the eyes of the woman as she realized that she was pain free. Since then, six other people in the area have been healed from this crippling disease; some instant, others within a few days. One of the people even got healed while in the waiting room of their chiropractor.
Read the full report, by Nick Shepard, here.

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