Friday, May 23, 2008

The Glory Cloud at Azusa Street

Here is a book of eyewitness accounts of the revival at Azusa street. Many people understand it as the birthplace of the modern pentecostal movement and a significant renewal of the gift of tongues in the Church. I was surprised to discover that there were also powerful manifestations of God's glory in what was known as the “glory cloud.” There were also many creative miracles. These stories are told in They Told Me Their Stories.

This is the book Billye Brim recently talked about on Believer’s Voice of Victory, with Gloria Copeland.
“Discover a chapter in the life of Azusa as it comes alive through the stories passed on to Tommy Welchel. Retired Azusa saints recall the roles they played as teenagers and young people in the Azusa Street Revival. Historical insights, miracles, and healings abound.
  • Learn about the Shekinah glory from the eyes of Spirit-filled youth.
  • Discover the rich heritage and roots of Pentecostal denominations such as the Assemblies of God and the Church of God in Christ through stories never before captured in print.
  • A must read for young people wanting to be used of God, but feel they are too young. You will want to meet the teens and young adults used by God during the Azusa Revival.
  • A must read for anyone who wants a fresh glimpse of the awesome power of God unleashed by common people and teenagers during the outpouring of His Spirit in 1906.
This book will change your life, renew your hope, and inspire you to seek God’s face in preparation for His outpouring as we being this new century. This book introduces you to many great Christians from the glorious Azusa Street meetings who went on to proclaim the message of God, and be used of Him in a mighty way. Some even founded great religious movements such as the Assemblies of God. But, first they were touched and used by God when they were as young as twelve and thirteen years old.”

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