Thursday, March 6, 2008

South Florida Man Raised from the Dead

WSVN TV7 reported, on February 1, 2008, that Jeff Markin, a South Florida man, was raised from the dead by a Christian doctor, Dr. Chauncey Crandall, who prayed over him in the name of Jesus. Dr. Crandall said
If you come in with a problem into our service, we are definitely going to treat you with conventional medicine, but we are going to believe it too. We are going to attack it with conventional medicine, and we are going to attack it with prayer. The reason I pray for people is because I found, early in my trained practice, that there were miracles, unexplained healings....

As I entered the ER it was like a war zone. Here was this lifeless body on a stretcher. His face, his arms, his legs were pitch black with death. I said, "Let's just call the code, let's end it because there's no life left."

A voice told me to turn around and pray for that man. I looked down at the body, and I said, "Lord, what can I pray for this man? He's gone." All of a sudden these words came out, "Father God, I cry out for this man's soul, Lord. If he does not know You as his Lord and Savior, raise him from the dead now."

So that doctor came over with those paddles and blasted that man and, all of a sudden, instantly a perfect heartbeat came up on the monitor. The stomach started moving, the chest started moving. This man started breathing on his own, and I said, "This man has been prayed for, he has been brought back from the dead by prayer in the name of Jesus."

You are speaking to a scientist, a cardiologist, someone who loves medicine. I've never, ever seen this. There are always people that do not believe these events, and I will just tell them that it did happen. It was a real story, a real life that was restored.
God is still restoring the dead to life in the name of Jesus. Read the full report here (also includes video download near top of page).

Here is another report on the story,with more information.